The Not-So-Final-Countdown: Part 2

Today I rewrote my sample chapter. It’s over 12,000 words now: the appropriate length. I sent it to my supervisors for feedback, and though it’s not perfect yet I’m quite pleased with the result. Having a more or less coherent text takes a lot of weight off my shoulders. Editing is much easier than coming up with text out of the blue.

I also took a look at the statement of intent and the thesis outline, and they weren’t that bad. I’ll concentrate on editing those tomorrow. If I can spare the time I’ll pop in at the MECCSA conference which will be happening at UEA tomorrow and Wednesday. And I need to get my outreach documents out. Workshop is next week.

I’m exhausted, but eight hours of sleep should fix that. And I’m pleased with the amount of work I’ve done today. Last week turning my 5,500 words into 8,000 seemed impossible, and look where I am now. I’m on fire!

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