The Not-So-Final-Countdown: Part 1

It’s time for a little experiment. I’m one week away from submitting my panel document, which I need for my transferring up panel on the 22nd of July. Because my blog posts have been sporadic over the past few weeks, and because I’m pretty exhausted, daily updates might get me through the last couple of days.

There’s still a lot to do. I hope to finish my sample chapter draft tomorrow and have it checked. Then I’ll do some editing of the statement of intent and the thesis outline. And hopefully, by the end of this week, I’ll have a nice little booklet which I can hand in. And then, for the moment, relax. A little bit.

I’ll give my first summer school workshop next week: Rebels and Outcasts. Obviously updates will follow.

The final activity before I cross the sea to see my family for the first time in six months will be the panel on 22 July.

After the summer, I may or may not take part in the Public Intellectuals training programme. I’m one of the 5 people on the reserve list, so should someone drop out there might be a place for me.

And I’m working on something else, which could turn into a really exiting activity next year. Stay tuned…

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