Video Game Music: Gotta Love It

Time for a short trip down memory lane (I’m supposed to be working, but feel like procrastination today).

I was never a very active gamer and, according to my brothers, a proper girly one. My all time favourite game is The Sims. Need I say more? I was also quite fond of The Urbz, a spin off which was set in an urban environment (doh) and looked rather psychedelic.

Yesterday, during a useless Google session, I found the soundtrack on Youtube. Which is actually really cool. The Black Eyed Peas were featured in the game and some of their songs are part of the soundtrack (in Simlish, obviously). But I suddenly remember how I used to hang around Central Station because that was the domain of the punks and goths. Yep, even as a kid I was into that sort of stuff. No wonder I ended up loving metal and all things alternative.

Anyway, the Central Station part of the soundtrack is great fun. It has an amazing Rammstein parody: listen. And a goth-rock one: here.

Of course music has always been an important part of video games. Even when it sounded like this. It really adds to the overall experience, particularly for this game (I was addicted to this one, briefly). What’s your favourite?

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