Evolution Taking Place as We Speak: The Dinosaur Starts Twittering

Yes, I did it. I set up a Twitter account. My conservative side still thinks there’s too much blabla going on in the world already (so why add even more?) but my more progressive side is quite excited about the opportunities. You can FOLLOW people! FAMOUS people! Read what they think! Wow! It’s like an endless, free newsfeed full of interesting stuff. Upside: it’s great. Downside: it’s another procrastination method in the making.

I wonder what my dad (who’s even worse than me and doesn’t even own a mobile phone) would think of this. He’d probably quote this oldschool commercial. It’s in Dutch, so most people won’t get it, but it’s basically about a guy being addicted to his mobile. Twitter didn’t even exist when this ad was made, and neither did Facebook, I believe.

The world has changed a lot over the past decade or so. I think I’m among the last people (in their early twenties) who remember what it was like not to own a mobile phone, or live without internet. It had its advantages, though. You could tell your mum you couldn’t let het know where you were because there were no phone booths around. Anyone remember phone booths? For the younger readers: like this.

There are some interesting people on Twitter but there are so many people who are no longer alive and who, I’m sure, would have loved the medium. How about Lord Byron? Napoleon? Julius Caesar? Or Cleopatra?

@MarcAnthony: UR sexy. Wanna go for a date at #McDonalds?

If you’re curious, follow me here.

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