I have worked as an Associate Tutor at the University of East Anglia, where I taught introductions to American literature and culture. I covered a wide range of subjects, ranging from Civil War narratives to modernist poetry, during my seminars. I also provided one-to-one guidance to undergraduate students, set and marked assessments, and delivered a lecture on Chuck Palahniuk’s novel Fight Club.

I took part in UEA’s mandatory training programme for Associate Tutors, as well as its Developing Teaching Skills programme, part of its MA in Higher Education practice. This training programme taught me more specific skills, such as marking, effective lecturing, and teaching students with disabilities.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching, and plans for the future include completing a full teaching qualification, getting involved in module design, and teaching advanced students. Another ambition is to improve how academic skills are taught at university level. Many students (including myself, once upon a time) find writing essays, giving presentations, and working in groups very difficult, but universities rarely address this subject in depth. I would love to contribute to fill this academic gap.




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