Review: From Club to Catwalk

A while ago I dedicated a blog post to my love for fashion and clothes. A few weeks ago this passion directed me too the Victoria & Albert Museum where From Club to Catwalk, an exhibition about 1980s fashion, is on display until February next year. We all know the clichés: legwarmers, ugly haircuts, Madonna dressed in lace, hideous cardigans. But this exhibition shows a different side of 1980s fashion: the creative one.

The exhibition shows outfits designed by, among others, Betty Jackson, John Galliano and Katherine Hamnett. I was struck by the variety: apparently pinstripe suits, knitted jumpers, destroyed jeans jackets and gorgeous bodycon dresses are all part of 1980s fashion. The punk inside me was delighted to discover a display devoted to early goth outfits while the tight and colourful clubwear seemed a bit… extravagant (I can’t imagine going out in a purple suit with fake male genitals attached to it).

I highly recommend this exhibition to anyone interested in fashion because it shows why I love clothes: they can be so much fun. It made me want to go back to the dark corners of my wardrobe and drag out those risqué items. I’ve always been a fan of strange, odd, or downright ugly clothes and it was inspiring to see that I’m not the only one. A guerrilla approach to fashion can lead to great outfits and the much-needed originality which has become so rare in an era dominated by high street jeans and boring shoes. From Club to Catwalk shows how clothes can do more than keep your warm and dry: they can be a form of self-expression.

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