Five Kiddie Things That Should Exist For Adults

I walked past a toy shop today. It being a Saturday afternoon the place was crammed with children. Suddenly I realized that being a child is great fun. When I was one I couldn’t wait to become a grown up, but now I’m supposed to be one I’m slowly discovering that adulthood means losing some great things.

So, just for the heck of it: five kiddie things that should exist for adults.

1. Hooded Cuddle Robes

Remember those robes your parents wrapped you in after your bath when you were a baby? Every morning when I make my way from the shower back to my bedroom, I wish someone would produce them in larger sizes.

2. Menus with Toys

I know, very suspicious in times of obesity. But I’m always slightly jealous of kids playing with the (slightly rubbish) toys they got at some fast food restaurant. I want one! NOW!

3. Playgrounds

According to some, gyms are playgrounds for adults. But really, using a crosstrainer is considerably less fun than running around slides, swings and climbing frames. I bet you get to train more muscle groups, too.

4. Pushchairs

Of course many people spend their lives involuntarily in chairs on wheels. But I’m talking about the type parents push their toddlers around in. Wouldn’t it be great to crawl into one after a night out on high heels?

5. Gloves connected by a string

I just added another glove to my Lonely Gloves Family. Dammit.

I think I found some huge gaps in the market. If this whole university-thing fails, I’ll know what to do…

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