Some Flash Fiction

I haven’t been to a creative workshop in weeks because I was quite busy. Yesterday I had some hours to spare and went to one on flash fiction: writing very short stories. It’s a great exercise because you’re forced to be concise and also really helpful if you have a cool idea for a story but not enough time to write it down in, say, 7000 words.


Just for the heck of it, these are a few things I came up with:


First date

Shit! He has a moustache!


Celebrity crush

He looks a lot shorter in real life.


Really expensive restaurant

Do you have any ketchup?



Two words: washing machine


Losing virginity (boy)



Losing virginity (girl)




What do you mean, this is not chemistry?


It’s just a lot of fun and I won’t be writing the next War and Peace anytime soon, but who cares. It’s fun! And literature! What more do you want?

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