Short Story: The Hermit

One of my short stories got published in Venue, part of Concrete (UEA’s student newspaper). For those who don’t have access to the paper version but would like to read it nonetheless; see below. More stories to follow…

The Hermit

I thank the driver and get off the bus. It’s cold but the sun is shining. I walk through High Street past the chip shops and amusement arcades. They don’t interest me. I’m here for something else.

The sea is dark blue and the beach is almost empty. I go down to the water and let the waves kiss my toes. Then I start to walk. On my left there’s the cliff, on my right the sea. Above me there’s the sky, below me the wet sand. I walk on.

After a while I stop and turn around. I can’t see the village anymore. I turn around. No other signs of humanity in sight. For the first time in my life I’m truly alone. There’s just me and this enormous landscape. It’s not interested in me. I’m not special. I’m just a tiny part of the world around me. Suddenly I’m scared.

I sit down next to a large rock. It feels good to be close to something solid. I listen to the waves, smell the rotting seaweed and the salt. I still feel uneasy.

A high shrieking noise. I look up. It’s a seagull circling above my head. I’m not alone anymore. I get up. The seagull screams and disappears. I begin to walk back to the village. Back to humanity. Nature is impressive, but now I need a cup of tea.

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