Great Lit + NES = Awesome

I’m rather busy at the moment (lots of cool stuff coming up: outreach projects, abstracts, and perhaps even a short story being published) but for now I just want to share this amazing thing my brother sent me. It’s The Great Gatsby. Yes, the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. And it’s a NES game. Take a look, it’s great fun and looks properly old school.

I’m not sure about the origins though, according to the website it’s an obscure Japanese release. It doesn’t come with clear instructions either, so it’s basically a matter of figuring the rules out as you go. But I love it. And I wonder which other classics I’d love to see adapted into games. Of course Lord of the Rings could be named as an example, but that one is obviously based on the films rather than the novels. But how about Hemingway? Steinbeck? Would American Psycho work  on the Xbox? How about Pride and Prejudice: The Game? I’d love to play those…

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