Glamrock and the Dutch: A Match Made in Heaven (?)

I’m quite a music lover, so when I discovered a piece in today’s Guardian called The 20 Best Glamrock Songs of All Time (read the article here) I immediately stopped pretending to be working on my thesis and read it.

It’s an eclectic list with artists ranging from Slade (obvious) and T-Rex (makes sense) to Iggy Pop (slighty less obvious) and Lou Reed (really?). A nice playlist to listen to while you’re working, in any case. Heavy synthesizers and drumrolls always make me type faster.

But here comes the surprising twist: on number 10 we find Bonnie St. Claire. Never heard of her? She’s a Dutch singer who, in my home country, is mainly known for songs like Bonnie Kom Je Buiten Spelen (Bonnie, Wanna Come and Play). And for her alcoholism (which, in her view, does not exist). I never knew she used to be a proper rockstar. I wonder whether she knows that Jon Savage thinks her song Clap Your Hands and Stamp Your Feet is one of the 20 best glamrock songs ever. It’s very good, actually. How come I didn’t know it?

So why am I devoting a whole post to this? Good old-fashioned patriottism, that’s all.

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