Fifteen Songs for Strange Times

I’m craving distraction and cheerfulness. Not in order to pretend current events are not happening, but in order to nourish my mental health and ensure I’ll continue to be able to support others in the months to come. I’m sure others could use some positive energy too, so I’m sharing my current playlist for everyone to enjoy.

Reading as Escapism: Charles Willeford’s Hoke Moseley Novels

On day two of an almost complete lockdown, with nothing to do and nowhere to go apart from my NHS job, I’m feeling a need to write about literary escapism. My local library shut down indefinitely last Saturday, and although I’ve managed to get a stash of books that’ll last me a few weeks, I’m already missing my trips to pick up new ones. It’s all temporary, of course, and all for a good cause, but I’m probably not the only one for whom life feels rather odd and claustrophobic at the moment.

Outpost: A Film Review

@OutpostTheFilm: A Review

For me, Outpost is not really about technology and the great big lights in the sky, but about the place of humanity in relation to them. A theme that should speak to anyone, regardless of your tastes…